Pediatric ENT Specialists

A child has unique needs when it comes to their ears, nose, and throat. Many of the problems experienced by children, such as frequent ear infections and repeated instances of strep throat, are uncommon in adults. Clifford Chew, MD, and Dexter Louie, MD, of Pacific ENT, know how to recognize and treat pediatric ENT problems. If you have a child who needs to see an ENT specialist in Chinatown, San Francisco, please contact Pacific ENT today.

Pediatric ENT Q & A

Which ENT issues are most common among children?

Children may develop a number of different conditions that affect the head and neck. Some of the most common conditions that appear in children include:

  • Ear infections
  • Nose and sinus problems
  • Repeated strep infections
  • Problems with the tonsils
  • Tongue tie
  • Tumors in the head and neck
  • Allergies

In some cases, children may have more than one of these issues at the same time.

How does Pacific ENT treat ear infections?

In many cases, a child with an ear infection will receive an antibiotic to kill any bacteria and speed up the healing process. However, if a child has frequent ear infections, surgery may be necessary. One of the most common procedures recommended for children with frequent ear infections is an ear tube surgery.

The tubes placed in the ears during this procedure drain fluid and prevent it from building up behind the eardrum. Preventing this fluid buildup reduces the risk of infections.

Are ear tubes permanent?

In many cases, ear tubes will fall out on their own after a few years. However, if they don’t fall out on their own, Dr. Chew or Dr. Louie may recommend a minor procedure to remove them.

How does Pacific ENT treat throat infections?

When children have repeated throat infections or tonsil inflammation, Dr. Chew or Dr. Louie may recommend surgery to remove the tonsils. Although removing the tonsils doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of throat infections, it can dramatically reduce the number of infections your child develops.

Is ENT surgery safe for children?

Every surgery comes with risks. However, ENT surgery is generally safe for children, and the risk of serious complications is low. Before you schedule a procedure for your child, Dr. Chew or Dr. Louie will explain all of the possible side effects and complications in detail.

How does Pacific ENT treat allergies?

Many children suffer from respiratory symptoms related to allergies. In such cases, the doctors at Pacific ENT may recommend allergy testing to determine what substances cause the child’s symptoms. Based on the results of these tests, Pacific ENT will recommend treatment options designed to minimize the child’s symptoms.

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