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If a patient has chronic sinus problems, such as chronic swelling of the sinuses, sinus surgery may relieve symptoms and improve the patient’s quality of life. However, the sinuses are a small and intricate structure, so having an experienced surgeon is important. Clifford Chew, MD, and Dexter Louie, MD, offer safe, in-office sinus surgeries to patients at Pacific ENT. If you’re interested in learning more about sinus surgery in Chinatown, San Francisco, please contact the office today.

Sinus Surgery Q & A

What is sinus surgery?

Sinus surgery is a procedure used to change the structure of the sinuses. During sinus surgery, Dr. Chew or Dr. Louie may remove damaged, swollen, or infected tissue from the sinuses. Foreign objects or growths that are blocking the sinuses may also be removed. In addition, bone may be removed to widen the sinuses during this procedure.

When is sinus surgery necessary?

Sinus surgery may be necessary for several different situations. A patient may need sinus surgery if:

  • A foreign object is blocking the sinuses
  • A growth or polyp has developed in the sinuses
  • The patient snores loudly because of narrow sinuses
  • The patient has repeated cases of sinusitis

What types of sinus surgeries are available?

The doctors at Pacific ENT offer traditional sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty. Balloon sinuplasty differs from traditional sinus surgery because it requires no cutting or removal of tissue in the sinuses. Instead, Dr. Chew or Dr. Louie uses a balloon catheter to open up the sinus passage.

What are the risks of sinus surgery?

Like all surgical procedures, sinus surgery does pose some risks to the patient. If you undergo sinus surgery, you may be at risk of excessive bleeding or infection. In rare cases, patients may also have an allergic reaction to medications used during the procedure. If the surgery doesn’t successfully alleviate all of your symptoms, you may need a second surgery or other treatment.

Is hospitalization required for sinus surgery?

Pacific ENT can perform sinus surgery in the comfort of the office for most patients, and hospitalization isn’t required. Not only does this allow you to return home shortly after your surgery, but it also reduces the amount you’ll need to pay for the procedure.

How long is the recovery?

After sinus surgery, most people are able to return home on the same day. Dr. Chew or Dr. Louie will tell you how long you need to stay home from work. He will also provide you with detailed instructions to care for yourself at home, as well as any restrictions you need to follow while you recover.

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